Thursday, December 8, 2011

So this happened....

I was on the cover of the NOW Magazine this week. You can see/listen to the interview here
I am very grateful to Glenn Sumi, Mike Watier and everyone at NOW. It was humbling, overwhelming and great fun. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

After closing Peggy Pickit Sees The Face Of God, the season of shows that start with "P" continues...Current and Upcoming Adventures include....

Parfumerie at Soulpepper, running till New Year's Eve. For info and tickets click here. (no Arts Worker tickets, but rush tix available on the day of)
We originally did this show two years ago and it was a sold-out, grinning, moving, feel-good, witty, romantic, touching, Dora-winning success. I get to wear some really gorgeous coats.

Penelopiad at Nightwood, playing in Buddies and Bad Times Theatre, January 10-29.  For some information you can go here and for tickets click here.
I get to be on stage with twelve of the most inspiring actresses in the English-speaking world, Margaret Atwood's script, Doug Ford might be there the night you come - y'never know.

more to come...but maybe not starting with "P", sadly...

First past the post.

Look at the joy it brings me to have you drop by and visit my webpage! Just look at how much it means to me! I throw my arms up in glee! I feel that I could fly!

Alas, the glee is quickly followed by regret that there is so little to share with you at this moment, seeing as this whole thing is brand new to me. Above me, up there, are some links which will either show you scads of press quotes and photos from past shows that my mother has lovingly compiled (seriously). Or if you like you can take a look at a somewhat poorly formatted list of shows from the last few years. Or you can contact me.

But I hope there will be more to, musings, repostings of things both meaningful and frivolous, photographs of adventures and adventurers, and of course the occasional show pitch. (playing now Parfumerie at Soulpepper until the end of the month!)

Thank you for stopping by. If I knew you were coming I'd have posted a picture of a time...