Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So the artistic team of The Happy Woman moves into the Berkeley Street Theatre today. I always love this day: seeing the set in space, starting to mark out the home that will be the dressing room for the next few weeks, finding out all the good coffee and treats in the neighbourhood, not having to be anywhere before noon, moving into the dark familiar comfort of a theatre.

Here's a wee interview with to whet your appetite for the show! Come see - fantastic cast, a story full of charm, fun, profound questions, complex beautiful questions and relationship and absurd dark humour! We start previews March 5th and run until the 24th.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pretty well every third thought I have is devoted to food: cravings, desires, memories and imaginings, of dishes, menus, a texture, a flavour, a scent. I had the pleasure of putting one of these memories, a meal at Aravind Restaurant on the Danforth, into words and pictures for the restaurant blog Tales From the Bib. You can read, and hopefully salivate, here. Good reading, good eating, and go eat there!