Monday, December 30, 2013

Well it seems that it's been almost a calendar year since I have updated this blog. Mea Culpa. But friends, I've been busy. Nothing for it but to post a summation of major events since then!

The short list is this: 

Performed in 4 plays: Terminus, Penelopiad, La Ronde, Passion Play (all while pregnant!)


Click HERE for Video Trailer

Produced Passion Play with Sheep No Wool, Outside the March and Convergence Theatre.

Nominated for 2 Doras, both for Outstanding Performance by a Female (Terminus, Proud).

Women's Washroom Dora Awards 2013. Kapow!

Watched Alan Dilworth receive the inaugural Christopher Plummer Fellowship Award of Excellence.

Photo Amanda Campbell
Brought forth a baby girl: Esmé Antonia Elizabeth Dilworth on August 4th.

Workshopped a new play in studio with Erin Shields, Alan Dilworth (and Esmé) - stay tuned!

Completed our first workshop as Artists in Residence at the Theatre Centre with Hannah Moscovitch and Tova Smith on the Secret Life of Mothers. 

Returned to the stage as a mom, remounting the beautiful Parfumerie at Soulpepper. 

Accepted the invitation to be a part of the Stratford Festival's 2014 season.

My deep enduring thanks to all those collaborators, family, friends, fans and strangers who made 2013 such a productive, challenging and joy-filled year. I was especially lucky to work with Alan on several projects (including Esmé of course) and we are planning several more over the next five years. The generosity, support and cheering on I have encountered are at once humbling and emboldening. I wish you the best in all your adventures in 2014.

Esmé in studio, Tarragon Theatre, October 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 was truly an epic year in terms of my life in the theatre. 

Starting with The Penelopiad (Dora Award for Outstanding Ensemble) and The Happy Woman (Dora Nomination Outstanding Performance) at Nightwood Theatre, then a thrilling few weeks researching our Toronto City Council and co-creating Civility with Daniel Brooks and Necessary Angel, then several weeks in the Rocky Mountains as an actor-in-residence at the Banff Playwright's Colony, followed by the hugely ambitious and profoundly successful Edward Bond Festival produced by our company Sheep No Wool. Then the SummerWorks Festival production of Terminus which would go on to premiere the Off-Mirvish series at the Royal Alexandria Theatre, followed by the premiere of Michael Healey's political satire Proud, and then Small Wooden Shoe's Antigone Dead People by Evan Webber. 

I am deeply chuffed that some of this work was recognized in the Year End lists for 2012 in various publications. Who knows if that'll ever happen again so darn it, I'm taking pleasure in it now! Here are the links...

I owe deep thanks to all my collaborators for making it essential, delightful, challenging, inspiring and profoundly gratifying to go to work every day.  And I offer my deep thanks to all those who came to see these performances, not only those I know by name, but all the people who keep going to the theatre because they understand that there are few experiences in this life that have such potential for humanity as being together at a live performance. 
Happy New Year, Lucky Number 13!